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Martina Franca

Martina Franca

Let's care for the city!
Advanced Services
Monteco is renewed

Monteco simplifies the management of all services relating to separate waste collection, integrating information search and waste management services in a single environment.

A single, smarter solution, customised to your specific needs.

All you need to know is the address and type of user, business or private home, for which you want to view the information or services provided by Monteco. Get started right away, using the shortcuts you find here.



Delivery of used oil

Exhausted vegetable oils are dropped off at the Municipal Collection Center. Alternatively, you can reserve pickup by Toll Free Number 800 801020, by website or App

Frequently Asked Questions

View F.A.Q. page  

All online area services

All the services around you are grouped in a single area of the website: enter a position on the map, so that the system returns useful information to quickly reach a physical point of interes

Did you know...

Terra, nuvole, foglie
  1. Boxes are made with recycled material

    90% of the boxes commercially available are made with recycled material.

  2. The separately sorting plastic in Italy is 7 times that of the Cheops pyramid

    The separately sorting plastic in Italy, every year, is 7 times the volume of the Cheops pyramid in Egypt and 2 times the weight of the Empire State Building in New York.

  3. Thanks to the separate collection, harmful emissions are saved

    In Italy every year, with only the separate collection of paper and cardboard, the harmful emissions saved are equivalent to the total traffic block for 6 days and 6 nights!


Compost bin

Container suitable for receiving organic waste, which, while in the same, undergoes the process of aerobic decomposition. You can request the composter from the Front Office by filling out the appropriate module

Explore waste info

In this section you can see the list of all the waste that can be disposed inside the containers and learn how to sort them.

How can we help?

Need information on bulky waste?

See the page dedicated to on-call services

Report a non-collection of:
  • Organic
  • Paper
  • Plastic-metals
  • Glass
  • Dry residue
  • Other
Monteco closed
Service reserved for TARI holders
Online desk
To request:
  • Domestic compost bin
  • Containers
  • Withdrawal of hygiene textiles (sanitary towels and napkins)
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Service open to all
Do you need further information?

Check out the FAQ

Toll-free number 800 80.10.20
+39 0832 720411
+39 0832 792301
Logo Monteco e lucchetto aperto
Service open to all
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Useful docs

Everything you need to know about Proper Separate Waste Collection

Everything you need to know about composting

Everything you need to know about the Environmental Account

Documentation required for requests or reports

Monteco equipment repair request form

Services Quality card

Customer satisfaction surveys

Useful information for Monteco users

Martina Franca

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